A desert evening with Jinoh and Damhui

This was an evening well spent with Jinoh and Damhui as they explored Amangiri together. I could feel how deeply they loved one another by a simple glance, caress of a hand, and the way they spoke of each other. They described this as a day of honoring the love they have and I found it to be so beautiful. Wedding celebrations can look several different ways. For these two it was having each other in an intimate setting with a stunning view.

Amangiri Resort, Canyon Point, Utah
Couple silouetted and dancing in Amangiri.

What makes these portraits special to me is the way Damhui and Jinoh preferred to interact together. They enjoyed exploring a variety of desert and architectural spaces, interacting and posing themselves along the way. They brought a calm presence to these photos that I find so lovely.

A patio at Amangiri.

I loved how J & D’s posing style was unstaged as they explored the desert, and embraced their calm presence.

Poloroid of couple standing apart with the red Utah dessert plateus in the distance.
Husband and wife look out towards the dessert sunset from their Amangiri room.

I’m so thrilled to include Amangiri in my list of travel destinations. Check out my travel dates if you’re in the area and would enjoy a session.

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