My journey to becoming a wedding photographer came from a place of trying to find meaning in my life.

Many years ago I was painfully shy. The thought of socially interacting with others terrified me and my self confidence was in an unhealthy place, even for a girl in her teens. I remember my first few experiences being photographed even to this day and they weren’t wonderful. Eventually I aquired my first camera and found my means to an end to overcome my fears and find connection with others. I photographed friends, family, strangers, you name it. If they were willing I was happy to learn with their help. I owe a lot to these friends.

Photography can be a deeply vulnerable experience but with my help I promise it won’t be. There’s absolutely no reason a photographer shouldn’t guide you to feel comfortable.

Eventually I found myself in the heart of rural Utah, studying art under deeply influential professors who would change my life. One in particular became a close mentor and pushed a message on me that completely changed the course of my work.

Am I creating work that makes a difference? Am I photographing what matters to me? Am I adding to the noise?

That was honestly difficult for me to process because up to that point I didn’t feel like I’d struggled with anything serious, found true love or had a strong message to put out there. I tried finding meaning in the work I was doing but it just became pretty people in pretty places and frustrated me further.

Well shortly after I found myself walking through downtown Salt Lake City when I first saw Todd. A sudden urge of boldness had me sprinting closer until we were finally close enough to strike up a conversation. We quickly hit it off and have been together with plans to marry soon. Over the years we discovered the power of love and human connection and have found wedding photography to be deeply gratifying.

My point after all this rambling is that I promise to understand how you might be feeling and why. I promise to help guide you through every single step of this process. I also promise to give you my all when we work together. When I say I’m passionate and care I deeply mean every single word of that. Get in touch. Let’s create something meaningful together.

xo. elisha