I first picked up my camera as a way to connect with others and later fell in love with wedding photography when seeking more meaning for my work and personal life. But it goes a little further back than that.

Years ago I was young, shy and fairly self conscious. After being photographed a few times I couldn’t believe how little direction and guidance some professional photographers were willing to give, especially to someone who didn’t feel comfortable with the entire experience. That was the moment I acquired my first camera and realized I could be that photographer who created a positive experience for others.

From there I photographed as many people as possible. Friends, models, strangers, anyone who was willing to help me learn. I was also in the heart of Utah studying art and photography under some phenomenal professors. One in particular left me with this thought that has influenced how I photograph today:

Am I creating work that makes a difference? Do my photographs matter on a personal level or am I adding to the noise?

I keep these questions in mind every time I pick up my camera. At the time I honestly didn’t know what my purpose and message would be through my work. It wasn’t until I met my now fiance, Todd, that I understood how important love is and how that’s what I was missing.

All I want is to document those of you who are ready to celebrate your lives together. All couples, wedding types, locations, and people are welcome here. Please get in touch via the contact form for more information! I really enjoy communicating directly about your plans so I can help.

xo. elisha