What a year we just left behind! I feel we deserve to exhale, rest, and hope for a brighter new year. 2020 began with much hope for me and my family. Todd had just survived a lengthy medical ordeal, we adopted a puppy, and were moving forward with our very own wedding planning after having to already postpone plans. I had a full year of dream clients ready to celebrate and Todd was about to re-join my business. Life was moving forward before taking one massive step back.

When the pandemic happened our expectations quickly shifted and we did our best to keep our chins up, support clients through this time, and channel our energy into awareness for our community and world.

2020 did deliver much happiness as well. I’m grateful for the health of my family, friends, and clients. I still photographed 10 beautiful micro-weddings and more families than ever. Todd and I spent a significant amount of time together which I’m grateful to have had with him. We visited several national parks and even experienced Yosemite without crowds.

I also can’t end this year without thanking those of you who support me and my business. Thanks to those who postponed and considered me in their new plans. Thanks to those who continued forward with a micro-wedding and trusted me to come along. Your celebrations were rays of sunshine in my year. Thanks to those who checked in with us and showered our puppy with love. I’m looking forward to a new year of challenges, love, and celebration.

Couple married in canyonlands national park
Grace and Zach celebrated with a micro-wedding overlooking Utah’s desert. They were my first wedding of the year and we had this area all to ourselves. See their Canyonlands National Park wedding here.
Boho Bride at the Great Salt Lake
My favorite portrait of Maria during her bridals months before her original wedding date. I didn’t get to photograph her wedding later in the year but adored every moment spent with her this day.
Storm Mountain Amphitheater Micro-wedding
Marlene and Landen at their last minute micro-wedding in the mountains. Theirs happened just before lockdown and they made it just as intimate and special as their original plans might have been.
Mom and daughter walking through flowery field
Julia and her daughter were the first people I saw and photographed after a couple months of quarantine. Creating these brought so much light to my year.
Family Portraits at Little Dell Reservoir
Like many families, Heather and Travis approached their family session candidly with intentions of letting their kids simply be kids. I loved this moment from their session.
Couple walking barefoot under Golden Gate Bridge
Jenna and Richard on a rare day where we were the only ones at the Golden Gate Bridge. I’ve been photographing them since their engagement and was so excited when they asked me to document them in their new city.
Bride and groom signing marriage license
Lei and Keanu dance to their original wedding song after hearing it play (unplanned) from the backyard while they signed their license inside. They adjusted plans for a micro-wedding in her parents backyard and it was still just as special.
Micro Wedding at the Grand America Hotel
Michaela and Evan held a micro-wedding with their loved ones. They celebrated with an intimate dinner and live band afterward.
Wasatch Blooms in her flower tunnel
Heather of Wasatch Blooms introducing me to her favorite spider pal. Her love for her garden and all that comes with it was inspiring.
Young girl practicing "Leave No Trace"
This summer I photographed a wedding clients daughter 100% candidly running through he mountains. Halfway through, E stopped to pick up trash left behind at this campsite. I learned she always keeps a bag handy so she can collect trash. Her respect for nature left me inspired. We should all be like E.
Park City Church of Dirt Wedding
Christy and Matt were my first clients to shift to a COVID-19 safe micro-wedding, which they did happily and poured their hearts into.
Engaged couple at Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park
I experienced Yosemite with the first time with Adrian and Christine. We were so fortunate to get a reservation and have a calm experience in such a normally busy part of the country.
Modern maternity portraits in Park City
Violet, Derek, and their pup Louis just before their baby was born. We photographed them as naturally as possible to capture these moments where it was just the three of them.
Couple dancing at their desert wedding
Jacq and Spencer celebrated with a micro-wedding in their favorite part of Utah’s desert. Loved ones pitched tents around their wedding site and celebrated over food, dancing, and a late night bonfire. They are planning a bigger party later in 2021.
Wedding overlooking Utah's desert
The morning after Jacq and Spencer’s wedding was stunning. We almost didn’t plan for sunrise portraits but I’m so glad we did. It was the perfect way to close out their weekend.
All black Dead Horse Point Wedding
Kirsten and Nick held a micro-wedding now and are hoping to have a larger celebration late next year. Their parents joined them for several days adventuring in the desert before ending the week here. They rocked their black attire and encouraged loved ones to be casual and enjoy the moment with them.
Couple wearing kilt at Jordan Pines Campground
Caitlin and Taylor approached their photography in a non-traditional way. They skipped having a wedding day photographer and had me capture them in the mountains beforehand instead. They wanted to feel completely in the moment on their wedding day without the presence of a full vendor team.
Married couple at Grand America Hotel
Aubree and Jared had me along to photograph all their special moments from proposal and engagements to their wedding and even more family photos. They became great friends and inspired me with their optimism and love.
Family playing at Snowbasin
A playful moment between Julia, Ben, and their little one. Julia was one of the first people I photographed 10+ years ago so it was amazing catching up and documenting her family now.
Changing leaves in Millcreek Canyon
Heather and Goose were married four years ago and skipped having a photographer along. I loved how they celebrated their anniversary in their wedding attire as well as some portraits in regular clothes afterwards.
Candid family photography
I photographed my friend and photography peer, Sarah, and her family this fall. She encouraged her children to play and completely be themselves. Here’s a sequence of a couple of my many favorites.
Candid family photography
Family hugging in Park City
I documented Natalie and Ryker’s family together in the mountains. You wouldn’t know this unless you were there, but this was one of the chilliest evenings I’ve photographed in awhile. Their children hung in there and were so much fun to be around.
Maternity portraits on Guardsman Pass
Kaitlynn and Warren specifically came into town for their maternity portraits that had to be moved when an unfortunate accident closed the road between us. I could physically see them all cute and dressed up, on the other side of the road we weren’t allowed to pass. We photographed the next morning in icy rain and it was so special.
Newborn baby yawning
Violet and Derek celebrating their cute newborn baby. This was my second time photographing their family this year. I love how each time they encouraged me to make photographs in a “day in the life” style so that nothing was posed or forced.
Tree farm session at Petersen Family Farm
This was the second time I photographed Avonlea and Josh this year. We had a last minute opening for Tree Farm sessions and I was so thrilled they took the spot. I’ve now photographed them in winter, spring, summer, and fall and always have a great time seeing them.
Wedding party at Jeremy Ranch
My very last wedding of 2020 was Kate and Scott’s. They celebrated hard and left me feeling grateful for the year we just had, and hopeful for more moments like this in 2021.